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Trenchless Sewer Replacement

The technicians at Mid Atlantic Trenchless are industry leaders in trenchless technology.

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology, or pipe bursting doesn’t mean destroyed yards, ruined sidewalks or devastated driveways. The non-invasive method results in less damage than traditional open cut techniques using only an entry and exit hole, the rest of your lawn remains untouched. Trenchless pipe replacement is the high performance alternative to costly ongoing maintenance or temporary lining methods.

This no hassle, cost-effective means of pipeline replacement will leave both your lawn and wallet intact. We’ll work with you to diagnose and develop a plan to help keep your home sewer lines healthy.

We have something to be proud of!


Little or no digging or damage to your landscape. No removal of any concrete, driveway or patio. No future leaks or roots growing in your pipes again. No more clay pipe and orangeburg pipe. No more frequent drain cleaning or inconvenient backups.


Sewer flooding. Leaking broken old clay pipe and orangeburg pipe. Tree roots in the Pipes. Constant drain clogs. Learn how trenchless pipe repair and replacement can benefit your old, damaged, or root infested pipes. Call us today and schedule an appointment!

Saves Your Money

Trenchless technology requires less digging and time, therefore it can often mean less money out of your pocket.

The Trenchless Advantage

  • Avoid excavation of your yard that can result in costly landscaping fees
  • Trenchless technology saves money and time
  • Replace old, damaged liner or root infested pipes with cured-in-place pipe line
  • Seamless pipes eliminate joints that allow new root intrusion
  • Increase the flow capacity using cured-in-place pipes

The Trenchless Advantage

  • The pipe is replaced by digging only two holes – an entry and exit hole.
  • A splitting head is attached to the new pipe and breaks through the old pipe. While the old pipe is being expanded, the new pipe is simultaneously being pulled through the old pipe.
  • The new pipe will follow the same path as the old pipe. The new pipe will be a joint-free Polyethelyne replacement that will far outlast the pipe it is replacing. Also, because it is seamless, it doesn’t allow roots to penetrate like old jointed sewer pipes do.
  • The splitting head blasts away old materials, making room for the new pipe. The power of the machine used to lay the new pipe allows us to increase the diameter of the existing pipe by several inches

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