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Some signs you might need a new water service…

  • high water bills
  • low water pressure
  • dirty water
  • leaking water or hissing sounds inside your wall
  • puddling water by your service outside
  • water damage to drywall

Using our trenchless methods we can replace your service in as little one day!

  • If you have low water pressure, an increased water bill, or water damage we can find the source!
  • Once we explore and find out whether you have a water leak or old clogged galvanized water pipes, we replace the water service using our trenchless horizontal directional drill.
  • Our horizontal drill allows us to replace your water service digging as little as one hole, saving you from the stressful and expensive trenching mess.

The main different types of water pipes


Galvanized pipes were popular up until the 1960s because of the long life expectancy and cheap cost. Overtime the galvanized water pipes build up calcium and magnesium creating rust and corrosion on the inside of the pipe, which can lead to decreased water pressure and brown and dirty water.

Lead pipes were used for plumbing because of their sturdiness and flexibility. We have since learned the health risks that lead in drinking water poses and now we predominantly use copper pipes.

Copper pipes are now the most common pipes used for water lines. Unlike lead pipes and galvanized copper is a recyclable material and has less of an impact on the environment.

Benefits of copper water pipes:
  • Conducts heat, resulting in warmer water when needed
  • Will not suffer easily from corrosion
  • Lasts longer
  • Non-permeable

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