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Do you have a problem with your sewer? Here are a few signs that mean you might need a sewer repair…

  • Slow water flow when you flush your toilet
  • Backed up house drains such as sinks, tubs, and floor drains
  • Water pooling in your yard by your sceptic with a foul odor

Diagnosing the Problem

Upon receiving a call about a sewer issue Mid-Atlantic Trenchless will send someone to come and diagnose the problem as soon as possible! Using high tech cameras and locating equipment we are able to look into the pipe and find the exact source of your problem.

Providing the Solution

  • Once we have discovered the issue, whether it be an old decaying pipe, misalignment, or just a clog, we will provide you with the best solution.
  • Our state of the art equipment and expert knowledge, allows us to provide you with a solution without destroying your landscape, driveway, or trees.
  • The trenchless pipe bursting method we use allows us to fix your pipe in a timely manner, whereas your standard plumbing or building company may take much longer.


When it comes to replacing sewers we use the pipe bursting method. This method allows us to replace or repair your existing sewer in a timely manner and without trenching! Using our state-of-the-art equipment, the Roddie8, we use your old pipe as a guide for the replacement and burst through it. This method allows us to pull pipe that was fused together this eliminates joints which can be vulnerable to root invasion.



Pipe bursting is one of the most efficient pipe replacement methods. Instead of digging a trench the whole length of the pipe, and making a mess, we dig two small access holes. These holes allow us to set up the bursting machine properly. This machine pulls a new pipe into place by using your old pipe as a guide and bursting out of the way for the new pipe. We believe this is the most efficient and advanced method of pipe replacement.


Pipe relining is another way to fix a cracked or …. Pipe. Instead of replacing the whole pipe, the inside of the old pipe is “lined” or coated with a resin-soaked fiber sleeve. This coating creates a thin new layer inside the pipe acting as a “new” pipe.


While Pipe Relining is an effective method in some cases, we believe Pipe Bursting is a much better method. Pipe relining is best used for small cracks within pipes, while Pipe Bursting is better for any sort of breaks or misalignments.

Pipe Relining might seem like the quicker and easier fix, but in the long run, Pipe Bursting is much more efficient and cost-effective. Pipe Relining slightly decreases the diameter of the pipe and reduces flow. Overtime if you need to keep relining the inside of your pipe you will lose the significant flow and it can be very costly.

Pipe Bursting in most scenarios is the better choice to solve sewer problems and is definitely more of a long term solution than Pipe Relining. However, with both of these methods, you don’t have to worry about trenches and major digging in your yard or landscape! Save your yard and your wallet with Mid-Atlantic Trenchless!

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